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A Franchise Chain of 9 Middle Eastern Shawarma Cuisines Located in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Taza Xpress Shawarma

Two Chicken on Sticks


Chicken Tenders

Grilled Chicken Tenders


Taza Xpress

Kofta / Kebab Plate


taza-xpress sandwiches

Two Regular Chicken


Taza Xpress

Two Chicken on Rocks


taza-xpress plates

Two Chicken Plates


Taza Xpress Tawook

Tawook or Falafel Plate

Family Mix Grill


2 Kofta, 2 Tawook, Beef & Chicken Shawarma, served with rice or salad

Family Sandwiches


4 Reg Chicken Shawarma Sandwiches
1 Salad, 1 fries & 4 drinks

Taza Xpress Shawarma

Our Menu

Taza Xpress is proud to serve you  a delicious, authentic Middle Eastern dishes using  Halal Chicken & Fresh Beef. Browse our menu and daily specials to find out more about our mouth watering meals.

Taza Xpress News

Try our newest menu item Taza Shawarma on Saj.

Taza Shawarma on Saj (Syrian Style)
24 July 2020, 14:57

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